Campaign to Declare War on the Jews

We're Recruiting Candidates for Congress on a Platform to Declare War on the Jews for the September 11th attacks









Jews did the September 11th attacks














Jews did the September 11th attacks




1. Evidence of EXPLOSIONS is evidence of DEMOLITION.

2. Evidence of ACCESS controlled by Silverstein-Netanyahu is evidence of JEW ISRAELI DEMOLITION JOB.

Jews privatized, controlled, and secured the Twin Towers complex to demolish the buildings to terrorize Americans into open-ended wars for Israel. Jews had complete access to plant demolition explosives. This is why we see flashes, booms, squibs, forceful ejections, and a 360 degree dust fountain. There were witnesses to explosions from inside and outside the buildings, by civilians and public officials, before and after the buildings were hit, on numerous floors, in all three buildings. There is no doubt about explosives. Only the owner could authorize access to rig the building for demolition. Larry Silverstein was in charge. Jews did it. We must make this the "official story."

The only difference between an official story and a conspiracy theory is social or political status MANUFACTURED by the Jew media and AIPAC-intimidated and enforced political consensus. It's not a question of truth. Jews did it. That fits the facts. Case closed. Jews never reported Bin Laden rigging the demolition, yet one is right in front of you. We have evidence of explosions. Jews and only Jews could have done it.  

A declaration of war on the Jews has seven benefits:

1. It makes the Jews an official enemy in the law. This isolates and separates Jews from the rest of us on legal grounds. We can destroy AIPAC and the ADL immediately and stop their censorship and intimidation campaigns of our civilians and civilian government. We restore free thought and the right to disagree with the Jews. Anti-Semitism is the right to disagree with the Jews; the RIGHT TO RESIST Jew domination and destruction of the WHITE WEST. The First Amendment is the right to disagree with the Jews. 

Your enemy is not your equal. Besides the legal advantage, this gives us an elevated psychological advantage against Jews. They are not our "elder brothers." They are the scum of the earth enemy that stabbed America in the back because we are strong and can be used to fight their wars for Israel. Jews need equality to penetrate your systems and take over your base. A declaration of war denies them legal equality. This pulls the rug right from under them. A declaration of war is the magic bullet to defeat the Jews.

2. A just war on the Jews for their attack on Sept 11th is justly warranted. No one has to worry their conscience over hate. It's not about hate. It's about Jewish terrorism. Jews use terrorism to prod Gentiles into wars for Israel. We can see this in WWI, WWII, and the Iraq war. You cannot be a sucker forever. September 11th takes the "hate" card off the table. It's us or them because Jews are at war with us by their nature.

3. Jews can be driven out of the military-industrial complex, the media-propaganda complex, and the FED-vulture capital complex. We will be able to nationalize Jewish control over our society to get the media, military, and money back in our own hands. This is what victory looks like. We know what the end game looks like, a culture and society that is free of Cultural Marxism, Bruce Jenner television, and constant economic, immigration, and war crises.

4. It unites Gentiles against the Jews. Everyone unites against the Jews. All they need is a legal green light. We can't tell the difference between good Jew versus bad Jew, especially, when good Jews serve the Jews. We need to declare war on all the Jews to sort them out. Jews love collective punishment when issued on others. Of course, they will claim "not all" Jews are terrorists, "not all" Jews support Israeli, "not all" Jews want to enslave the goy, "not all" Jews want gun control, "not all" Jews want your kids to become trannies, "not all" Jews want to control Gentile societies, but the vast vast majority do. How many Jews will leave our society to leave us alone? Only a declaration of war will get the Jews to flee. What might a war look like? 

  • House arrest the Jews and strip them off all property
  • Strip them of all political influence and positions
  • Destroy all Jew organizations
  • Trade the Jews for Israeli nukes and WMD "arms for hostages"
  • Boycott Israel 
  • Ban Jews from America forever

5. It puts the global war on terrorism where it belongs...a global war on the Jews. The Jews did the September 11th attacks. They must be forced to take responsibility for it as a matter of truth, history, morality. You can't fight terrorism, but you can fight Jews who resort to terrorism and assassinations to control our society. Name the enemy to fight the enemy. The Romans did. Remember how quickly the Soviets turned from allies to mortal enemies. This can happen in months, weeks, days. 

6. When we declare war on the Jews, everyone instantly gets it. You don't have to understand the Jew problem beyond the Jews did September 11th. You don't have to convert others who are too scared or too dull to think. You don't have to answer charges about being anti-Semetic. There is no debate. Anti-Semitism is patriotism and the law. "Quiet the mind. Close ranks and fight the Jews." The Cuckley conservative, Israeli-first, Christian-Zionism, Judeo-Christianity crowd will be on notice for treason. They better clean up their act or flee to Israel. You don't need to be a white nationalist to see the urgency of declaring war on the Jews, the Jews who did September 11th. War is the answer. Jews did it simplifies the issue to one basic point of attack that strikes the root of Jew power in America. 

7. Sense of Urgency. We must avert the next terrorist attack and war with Russia or Iran that Jews plan. We actually save lives. Jews don't want their kids to die for Israel. They want your kids to die for Israel. That's Jewish genius. It is the government's responsibility to protect us. We can agitate to get the government to protect us. Everyone in the military knows that the Jews did it. We need our political movement to light the fuse. The concept of declaring war on the Jews itself is victory. "We live in our words" said Thomas Szaz. This is the revolutionary concept. We don't have to overthrow the government, we only have to get the government to do its job. That's Alinsky talking. That is why we need candidates to spread the concept into politics by running for Congress. That is where the message needs to go—straight into the political bloodstream. It doesn't matter if we win or not. We planted the seed. Only by political campaigns does the issue move from the "fringe" into the public square. We can use the truth movement's discoveries of an inside job effectively once tag the Jews as the insiders who did it.

We cannot let the September 11th attacks go to waste. The attack is exactly what we need to defeat the Jews. It gives us absolute just cause to root them out of our systems right now without debate in a way that makes sense to the American people. It's not a matter of hate, but terror. We don't hate the Jews. We're terrified of them. Just as the Germans were when they saw what Jews did to Russians and Ukrainians. When life and limb is at stake, we don't have a choice. OUR POLITICIANS DON'T HAVE A CHOICE. Declare war on the Jews. We can push the issue. "Yes we can!"

"We can do this!"


How to start your campaign

1. Decide to run. We'll add your name to this page and put up a link to your page.

2. Use this WORD DOC and adjust it to your district and name

3. Run off 100 copies

4. Drop off the copies at your local state university student union and campus paper

5. Make the news and be prepared to stay on message. "Jews did the September 11th attacks. We must declare war on them to stop their next attack." 

The White Student Union project was very good at getting news and spread quickly. The Project to Declare War on the Jews can be extremely effective this election year. All brave men should give it a try. Boycott Israel is popular on campuses. Committees to Declare War on Israel would be even more popular.

September 11th will happen again, if we don't declare war on the Jews to stop their next terror attack designed to get us into war with Iran. Your or someone you love could die for lack of action. Get in the political ring!   


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