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Survive the Jews—Beat the Jews

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Jews did 911.

Declare War on the Jews—Your enemy is not your equal


We win. We survive.



Jews killed 100 million people in the last 100 years with mass murder communism. Jews wanted a classless society in 1917. They want a white-less society today, 2017. 

Jews are (half-breed) genocidal maniacs.

Jews are a biological group of malicious, self-righteous, two-faced, half-breeds. Jewish religious law teaches that anything birthed by a Jew is a Jew. This is how you get black Jews, Asian, white, and Arab-like Jews.

Unlike other religions which are a matter of intellect, Jews group themselves in terms of their biology, "birthed by Jew." Jews are a social construct and a viper-like biological reality. Jews are goyicidal maniacs.

Jews aim for Gentile slavery and extermination.

Jews teach themselves that they are "chosen" people who get to make slaves out of Gentiles, "goy." Jews see us as cattle to be subdued and slaughtered. They aim to establish dominion over us. By dominating the media, money, and military affairs, they can influence Congress, the money and the law, the carrots and sticks of society. What they institutionalize wears the indigenous population down, in a death spiral, until they are a shell of themselves. Jewish media messages aim to reduce Americans to suckers with no conscience.

Effectively, Jews are a biological group of self-righteous half-breeds who want the destruction of pure bloods—all the pure races of mankind.

Jews define themselves as human and define us as animals. Keep that in mind when Jews preach their (Jew-only) two-faced humanism. 

No other group avowedly hates humanity. Jews have killed 500 million people in the last 2000 years (270 million from Jew-Islam, 100 million from communism, 100 million WWI and the Spanish flu caused by extending the war, 8 million died in Thirty Years War fighting and dying over how best to please the Jewish God of Gentile Genocide, and WWII fighting off communism) for which they are happy to take creddit. They hate every Gentile, yet they accuse everyone else of hate. Jews have trademarked hypocrisy and the holohoax.

People are rightfully terrified of being at the mercy of Jews and their psycho lust for Gentile Genocides.

Madeline Albright-Jew starved 500,000 Iraqi children. "It's worth it!"

Jews are half-breed genocidal maniacs.


Hypocrisy is rooted in their genocidal us-them self-conception. Guns for Jews—gun control for you. Free speech for communists and Jew porn-sters—you are fired for truth-telling "hate speech." Jews get to be "free thinkers" —you get "sensitivity training." Borders and walls for Israel—you get open borders and mass rape of Europe's women and girls. Jews get big families—you get condoms.   

The Old Testament extols the complete slaughter of whole nations of Gentiles; Jews gave you a God of Gentile Genocide. Millions worship this God of Gentile Genocide—the god of goyicide. Rothchild said it matters not who makes the laws of a country when Jews control its money. Better yet that Jews define your gods. What better way to destroy the goy than to have them worship a god of goyicide? Goy will buy the rope to hang themselves—unless you're streetsmart—like Hitler. 


Pope Sucker himself greets Islamic head-choppers straight from the battlefield. Jesus didn't want you to be a Christian—he wanted Jews and only Jews to be Christian. Jews want you to be Christian and love the enemy— Jew. Millions of Americans are willing to send their son to die for Israel. Jews love that. Better your sons die than their sons. 

Biology 101 teaches that thoroughbred racehorses cannot survive an invasion of donkeys; mules will take cover, and that is the end of horse-racing. The end of white Europe is the end of Europe. Jews win. The end of the white West is the end of the West. Jews win. Detroit—before and after the black takeover—Jews won. America before and after Jews—before and after Bruce Jenner, Obama, MLK, FDR—Jewish productions that subverted America.

Jew religious and secular movements aim for genocide—absolute destruction of white Gentiles—meaning absolute destruction of our racial purity.

This accounts for the vilification of the dead white man, the living white man, the modern art obsession with obscenity, the vilification of white racial beauty, the firebombing and mass rape of Germany and German women, and the opening Europe to millions of jihad rapists. These historical facts, presently, do not penetrate the conscience of millions of Americans who are deaf to history, their fellow Gentiles, and their own fate.

Jews want the final say in law and opinion and swarm the major media and education.

That is why exists.


Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews. 

National Socialism was the German slave revolt against communism and the Jews.

America backed the Soviet Union and brought Europe absolute devastation (Hellstorm). Post-war America (and England) is based on Hitler-hate. If Hitler was right, and America and England were wrong, they would collapse. That is why they must have their post-war Holohoax propaganda—to justify themselves to themselves—and why questions or doubts are criminalized.

Communism collapsed despite American support.

America won a paper victory, but Germans won the glory. Germans of the era are heroes, the SS is heroic, and Hitler is a hero across the world to this day in societies less dominated by Jew-servile enforcers. Hitler and the National Socialists understood Jews without an internet. He has to be a hero—that is the only thing that explains his popularity decades after his immolation. Hitler was a good shepherd and righteous leader. The allies didn't want Germany to rise and escape spiritual, economic, and racial slavery to the Jews. 

Germans are the UNRULY kin-serving Europeans who treasure blood, beauty, and brilliance.

They weren't going to allow their country to be dominated by the god-damned Jews. You can see why Hitler and the Germans lead the fight against the Jews in the post-Roman era. Germans hold the soil of Central Europe and to hold it history bred Germans UNRULY to hold off invasions. Jews are self-righteous half-breeds who expect to run the whole world in an Jew World Order. This is a cosmic clash between the UNRULY and the parasites. The clash was historic and is ongoing. Jews ran into men who answered Hitler's call. New men will have to answer the same call or else we will be wiped out.    



A real race is an inbreeding group due to geographic isolation: Irish, Japanese, Australian Aborigines, Haitians. These are real races. Jews hate all real races and hate the concept of racial purity. Upholding racial purity excludes Jews from society and prevents Jewish takeover and enslavement.

Hitler upheld racial purity to "preserve the eternal life of the German people," and to exclude Jews, so they could not enslave and exterminate Germans.

The Russian czar did not dominate and destroy the Jews of Russia. Jews slaughtered his whole family.

History vindicates Hitler's fight against communism, his vision of Fortress Europe, the central importance of a nation treasuring its racial purity, and of establishing and holding dominance over Jews. 


America embraced Jews.

Jews have taken over America's money, media, and military affairs.

We get funny money, Cultural Marxism, and endless Jew wars. Henry Kissinger calls Americans dumb stupid animals. He served under Nixon and is still on the Defense Policy Board.

Jews float their political boat on a sea of European and Gentile blood.

Goyicide is their religion.

As a thank you to America, Jews did the September 11th attacks to launch the Iraq war. Jews killed 100 million people in the last 100 years with mass murder communism. Jews had the world on the edge of nuclear war. Jews ran Soviet gulags and torture chambers. Killing 3000 New Yorkers was cake.

America let Jews get away with it. 

Jews killed Presidents McKinley, Kennedy, (24th min), and presidential candidate Huey Long. In each case, Jews took the Presidency: Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

Americans let Jews get away with it. Jews know how to depose leaders they don't like by putting sand in the engine of monarchy, democracy, or one-man rule. The only way to stop the Jews is a global war on the Jews that bans them from all political power and influence.

Anti-Semitism is the RIGHT TO DISAGREE with Jews telling YOU how to behave.


A shit-test is the attempt to get away with something. Jews shit-test all the time to see what they can get away with. They got away with the September 11th attacks. That emboldened them to get a $700 billion bailout to fix "frozen markets," a euphemism for rotten vegetables that don't sell. Jews got their bailout. The economy tanked. A nation cannot be lead by suckers. It must have street-smart leaders who are Jew-wise and vigilant.

You must have the attitude of horse-whipping the Jews into submission. 



1. Jews cause communism, Cultural Marxism, rape jihad, and treason of the upper class.

2. Indigenous people must ban Jews to survive. Otherwise, you'll end up in a communist gulag or your sons will belly flop on grenades for Israel or cut their dicks off in the footsteps of Jewish hero Bruce Jenner.  

3. The best strategy to defeat the Jews, today, is to acknowledge that Jews did the September 11th attacks. Evidence of explosions and evidence of Jewish access, security, and management of the Twin Towers, and any connection to the foreign government of Israel would establish the Jews did it thesis. 

18 min:

The question then is, if Jews did it, what should we do about it?

4. Declare war on the Jews. War is the answer.

The Romans had three wars on the Jews. 

Here, the first war would be to take back our base on three fronts: media, money, and military.

Seize the major media from Jews who own, edit, direct, and publish propaganda that serves their lies, fire the Jews from the economic system, such as the Federal Reserve, and fire all Jews from the military-intelligence-industrial complex.


1) A declaration of war puts the Gentiles back in charge. It puts them in the dominant position.

2) It makes Jews the official enemy. It names the Jews as the enemy loud and clear.

3) This forces Gentiles to shut up and unite. No treason or cucking allowed.

4) It forces Gentiles to act, instead of ponder, debate, convert.

5) It separates Jews from Gentiles.

6) It takes away Jew power.

7) It is a well-deserved righteous legal declaration that strips the enemy of its equality, which Jews thrive on to dominate us. Without the law that protects Jews and their equality, they would collapse. 

A declaration of war is the fastest, clearest, smoothest, most realistic, most legitimate way to save Western Civilization from the Jews.

911 happened. Jews did it. Jews have to pay the price.

Declare War—Before the NEXT attack.

Run For Office to Demand War on the Jews 

5. This effort must be brought into the political system by people willing to run for office, and make the case. Running for office is a vital free media effort that helps build organization and visibility of new leadership. Without running candidates, you aren't making leaders who get your voice and position heard.

Those who talk lead. Jews do all the talking.   

6. It is very easy to make the case above, to the existing political class, and have them take it seriously. It focuses the mind on the urgency of national security. Everyone knows Jews want war with Iran. Anyone killed would be on their watch. What terrorist attacks are Jews planning to carry out to terrorize us into the next war?

The worst position for a politician to be in is to be well-warned about Jewish terrorism and they just sit there. They cannot go wobbly on the Jews.


Politicians know they have to cut the shit and ban the Jews. They need a reason. Give them the reason.

Lead the leaders.


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